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Congratulations and welcome to Sol Weddings. We're all excited that your big day is soon, but we understand that there's a lot of stress and preparation involved. Allow us to make this easier and fun.


We're here to do everything involving a camera. Your day shouldn't be about scheduling and making sure everyone is where they should be. That's our job!


Below you can read up on the two key services we provide for weddings. Don't be afraid to ask if we do more than what's listed below because we know that everyones wedding is special in their own ways. 


The best part about engagement shoots is they don't have to be only photographs. They can also be a video shoot! We love engagements as they're fun and exciting with lots of possibilities. 


You walk away with the knowledge that you'll be getting 40 edited photos, or 15 edited photos and one minute long video. You and your significant other can choose anywhere in California and we'll do our best to accommodate you!


If you live somewhere other than California we'll need to talk. Just like when you asked your parents where babies come from when you were eleven.


Ah yes, the big day! This is the most stressful day for a lot of young couples, but we will try our best to make everything we do as simple as possible for you.


We'll shoot the entire ceremony and everything in-between from beginning to end. There is no time limit on any of our packages, and thats for a two camera person minimum. We arrive when you start getting ready and we leave when the last song is wrapping up. 


We'll also wear funny hats if thats what you want but we would prefer to stick with our all black ensemble. 



Below are just a few of our positive reviews. Some of them show up on yelp, but since we refuse to pay their fees a lot of them don't. 

I do not usually write online reviews, but in this case, I feel like I must. We hired Laurence as our wedding reception videographer via a friend's recommendation. Laurence and his team not only did not disappoint, but they went far beyond our expectations. They are very professional, creative, accommodating, and easy to work with. Both my wife and I are very happy with Laurence and we highly recommend him. They helped making our event very memorable for us and our guests by capturing the moments on video with some creative angle/movement such as the use of drone. We loved the whole experience and enjoy watching and sharing our videos with family and friends for ever!


—  Bahram


Please note that there's a lot of hidden extras within these prices; click on any of the text below for a full description of the services.


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